Many UK Ciders have less apples in them than you think !

In the UK, cider manufacturers do not HAVE to put the ingredients of their ciders on the bottle.

As a result, YOU may not know exactly what it is you're drinking - or how much apple juice is in it.

(Here's what we found out when we did a bit of research)


In France

Cidre HAS to be made from 100% apples


In the UK

"Cider" only has to contain 35% apple  


 Apple concentrate


UK Research

Showed that the amount of apple in cider is increasing - but it's still not even 50% in many cases

So what's the rest of it made of ?


To turn those beautiful natural apples into concentrate

You have to heat it, cool it, heat it, cool it, heat it and cool it

You get the idea

And then add some enzymes in to break it down


And then, to turn it back into something drinkable

You have to add caramel flavouring, 


& LOTS of sugar


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For the sake of balance

We would like to say that there are some amazing, all natural UK ciders out there - it's not our job to name check them, but they're the ones shouting about their provenance too.